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Avoid a criminal record by clearing your warrant today. Our team at Christian Bail Bonds are experts in navigating the court system. We will help you get a clear warrant.

If you have a warrant out for your arrest, it is important to understand you may be able to have your warrant recalled without ever having to appear in court, post bail, or spend time in jail.

How Long Does an Arrest Warrant for a California Misdemeanor Stay Active?

California arrest warrants do not expire. They stay active forever, or until:

  • the suspect is arrested,
  • the judge recalls the warrant, or
  • the suspect dies.

Bail can seem completely impossible to meet. Depending on the alleged crime, bail can shoot up to tens of thousands of dollars quickly. Luckily for you or your loved one, we offer fast solutions and relief to your bail needs in San Diego, CA.

Three Types of Warrants in California

Bench Warrant

A California bench warrant is a type of warrant used to arrest and detain a person who has either failed to appear in court or failed to obey a court order. You can usually clear or “quash” a bench warrant by either: appearing in court, or possibly having your attorney appear in court on their behalf.

Arrest Warrant

Arrest warrants in California authorize law enforcement officers to arrest and detain parties if they suspect those parties of committing a crime outside of an officer’s presence.Depending on the facts of the case, a skilled defense lawyer can work to: prevent a judge from issuing an arrest warrant, or if a warrant has already been issued, help the person named in the warrant from serving any county jail time or prison time.

Search Warrant

A California search warrant authorizes police officers to search a person, a residence, a vehicle, a place of business, or any other specified area suspected of containing evidence of illegal activity. Criminal defense lawyers can attempt to clear search warrants by filing certain motions with the court.
How To Clear A Warrant - Christian Bail Bonds
How to Clear a Warrant - Christian Bail Bonds
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