Our Bail Bonds Process

Bail can seem completely impossible to meet. Depending on the alleged crime, bail can shoot up to tens of thousands of dollars quickly. Luckily for you or your loved one, we offer fast solutions and relief to your bail needs in San Diego, CA.

Our Quick-Solution Bail Bonds Process

1. Get In Contact

After you’ve been arrested in the San Diego area and you don’t have the required assets to make bail, we’ll make sure to get you home safe. All the information we need is:

● What have you or your loved one been charged for?
● Which station are you or your loved one located in?
● What’s the name of the arrested person?
● Report number
● Contact information

2. Quick Paperwork and Details

Once we’ve secured the basic information we require, we’ll get your paperwork signed to provide our services. Depending on the circumstances of the situation, we’ll need some kind of deposit as collateral for our services and additional contact information to stay in touch through the process.

3. Post Bail

After swift paperwork completion and you’ve secured our services, we’ll have the arrested party’s bail posted in a matter of a few hours. Now, full release from jail will take a varied amount of time depending on how busy that particular location is.

Find out about the bail bonds process and get in contact
We will help with your bail bonds paperwork

Understanding Your Responsibility When Arranging for Bail

understand your bail bond process

Bailing Someone Out of Jail

When you are bailing someone you know out of jail, you’ll need to be aware of the total cost for bail, what legwork will be required on your end, and the responsibility you assume of the person you’re making bail for.

Resposibilites as a Co-Signer

Being a co-signer means that you need to know the person well. Why? Because how the defendant handles the process directly impacts you. When you are pursuing bail bonds through us as your local bail bonds specialists, you’re also committing to a few responsibilities. This includes being responsible for the defendant making their court appearance.Additionally, regardless of if it’s your money entirely or you have gathered the money with the help of a group, you’re going to be responsible for paying in the case that the defendant’s funds are not able to be collected after a failed court appearance.
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